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Each month we celebrate the achievements and milestones of women throughout history.

YWCA Performs Its History: A Journey Into the Archive!

Our Historical Programs Coordinator, Jennifer, writes "Although the YWCA have been primarily concerned with making a difference in the lives of women, a necessary complement to that goal is fundraising. One of the most popular forms of fundraising until the latter half of the twentieth century (when the form dropped off quite quickly in popularity) was the Pageant. Not of the beauty variety, these pageants featured YWCA members in elaborate costumes who would perform historical scenes of interest to the community."

Winkara Club- A Snippet from the YWCA History Archive

Our Historical Coordinator, Jennifer writes- "I’m not sure I have too much to say about this club programme from 1932. But its just the kind of document I love finding in the YWCA Archive. Its so personal and carefully done."


Each month we celebrate the achievements and milestones of women throughout history.

Candidate Close-Up: Jessica O'Donnell

We're continuing our focus on bright and progressive women candidates in the upcoming council elections! Today, we chat to Jessica O'Donnell, who is running for Baw Baw Council.


Each month we celebrate the achievements and milestones of women throughout history.

Candidate Close Up: Steph Amir

We continue our discussion with local council candidates! Next up on the Y Podium- Steph Amir!

Candidate Close Up: Brooke Wandin

In the lead-up to Victorian council elections, we chat with young female candidates! Here's Candidate for City of Melbourne, Brooke Wandin.

Join the Young Women's Taskforce!

The YWCA movement is opening up the call for applicants to its Young Women’s Task Force. Under 30? A member of any YWCA? Read on!

Candidate Close-Up: Susanne Newton

In the lead-up to Victorian council elections, we chat with young female candidates! First up, the Greens Candidate for Darebin, La Trobe Ward, Susanne Newton.

Did You Miss Out On TINAtalks #5?

Never fear, we've popped up the video for your viewing pleasure. Featuring host Jenny Valentish with guests Adalita, Lisa Carver and Michelle Law.

September Member of the Month

Each month we select one of our amazing members to tell us a little about themselves, why they are members of the Y and what they hope for the Y community to achieve.

Feminist News Round Up - September!

A female majority cabinet, Australian Pay Gap Day, H&M's contraversial "feminist" ad campaign and much more in our Feminist news roundup this September!

What is Australian Pay Gap Day?

On September 8th this year will be Australian’s next Pay Gap Day, but many are unclear on what this actually is or what it means. The Australia Pay Gap Day is held on a different day annually, calculated by the number of days from the end of the last financial year (starting on July 1st) that it would take women to earn as much as men. The eventual goal of Pay Gap Day is that an Equal Pay Day will one day be celebrated on June 30, when pay equality for all genders is finally accomplished.

Thursdays in Black

The Thursdays in Black campaign is an international campaign that has long been advocating and raising awareness for the end of violence against women. YWCA Victoria has initiated a local campaign aimed at Victorians to show solidarity with victims of gender violence and to raise funds for YWCA's women's housing and education programs. 

Red Alert! Big Changes to Report!

We're having some THOUGHTS over here at the Y. Some BIG ONES. As you might know, YWCA started here in Melbourne in 1882 and spread like wildfire throughout the country by the turn of the century. Now, 134 years later, we're considering amalgamation- meaning that we'd be one national entity instead of Y's spread throughout different cities and states. We're considering whether this model would improve our organisation and our work. We're calling this the SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT and we're pretty interested to hear what YOU think. If you're a member, you'll be voting on this at our AGM which goes down on 27 October 2016. We want to hear what you think before then too. Read on for details..

Feminist News Round Up - August!

The Rio Olympics highlights gender inequality, sexism and sexualisation that still exists within the sporting world, Obama captures our heart again with letter on what feminism means to him and "let them eat cake" comment backfires on UK MP Philip Davies.

Rowing and Feminism. Chatting to Olympic Rower Lucy Stephan

We had a chat to now Olympian rower Lucy Stephan in light of last week's decision to send the Australian Women's Eight Rowing Team to Rio Olympics. 

Help Us Find Some Homes!

Are you one of those people that love cruising real estate websites? Snoop around places with "For Sale" signs? Attend open houses with no intention to buy? That's actually just us being creepy, isn't it?
Okay, but seriously, we've been hard at work fundraising and doing some very significant planning and have some exciting projects to report. BUT we still need your help.

Travellers Aid Helping Women for 100 Years

Independent Organisation, Traveller's Aid, has been helping women with accessible and safe travel aid for 100 years  




Monash University- Stepping Up For A Good Cause!

The winter cold isn’t enough to stop the Monash College walking group at the Clayton campus from pounding the pavement for a good cause!

Feminist News Round Up - July!

The spice girls urges women to say #WhatIReallyReallyWant, Van Banham knocks anti-equality language out of the park and the all-female-lead Ghostbusters hits cinemas this July!

Psychosocial Water Torture

I do not know my birthday because I do not know my birth date. I am adopted. I was brought to Australia from Ethiopia at six months of age after spending a unknown number of days abandoned in the street. I was raised by two white parents, and I have two white older brothers

Run with the 'Y' this July!

Join the YWCA Victoria team for Run Melbourne and support girls in the DHHS Child Protection System.

Feminist News Roundup- June!

No real flow on tampon tax, victims speak up, and rapping lit our fem fire this June!

What do we want? Safe Universities.

Sexual assault and harassment is a growing problem in Australian universities. YWCA Volunteer, Megan, has been researching the issue for the Y team and shares her findings so far... 

Moving with the times

June, 2016: Bendigo Magazine Editorial Piece

The YWCA has been part of our culture for almost 150 years. Even so, the organisation continues to evolve and strive to meet the needs of a contemporary community and is calling on Bendigo's women to join it's ranks.

Wanted: More diverse voices in Parliament

TINAtalks #4 was talking politics at the State Library of Victoria this week. Read this fab summary of the night from our clever and wordy friend, Tegan Forder.


TINAtalks #5: Writing While Female- Subverting Expectations

The variety of women’s writing is as diverse as the female experience itself. The guests on this special edition of TINAtalks certainly traverse many different categories- their work spans across the worlds of playwriting, journalism, music, screenwriting, novels and much more.

Feminist News Roundup- May!

Babayagas, Beyonce, bell hooks and Blind Applications- - Check out what caught our eye in May!


Pockets for Change

Let’s talk about pockets. Or more specifically, the lack of pockets in women’s clothing. How annoying it is. And what Pocket Change’s Pocket Pop Up is doing to fix it.



With the election fast approaching, it's more timely than ever to discuss the needs and concerns of Australian women, as well as the question of gender in the political process.

Donate to YWCA Victoria's Tax Appeal

Donate to YWCA Victoria's Tax Appeal today and give hope to a woman at-risk of homelessness.

RACK OFF! 2016 Festival Highlights

Check out this great mini-doco of YWCA Victoria's Rack Off! 2016 Festival.

Held on Saturday 6 March at the Tote Hotel, Collingwood.


A new initiative is bringing the untold stories of Australian women to Melbourne Town Hall in May. We're excited!

YWCA Fosters Friendships for Young Women

May, 2016: Metro Newspaper Editorial Piece

YWCA Victoria is looking for dedicated and inspiring young women to participate in their long-running Asista Program.


This year’s RACK OFF! festival, which filled the Tote Hotel to capacity on March 6, was a strong early contender for gig of the year.

PAST - Run for the Y this July!

Join the YWCA Victoria team for Run Melbourne and support girls in the DHHS Child Protection System.

Feminist News Round Up - April!

Harassment, Harriet and Hashtags- Check out what caught our eye in April.

Why we love the 'Y'!

April, 2016: Ruby Magazine Editorial Piece

With a history spanning over 130 years, chances are, you’ve heard of the YWCA. Present in over 125 countries and engaging with 25 million women and girls each year, it is the largest women's organisation in the world.

YWCA Tackles Housing Crisis

March 2, 2016: Media Release

YWCA tackles housing crisis at launch of affordable housing policy paper.

YWCA Victoria on SBS News

January 5, 2016: SBS World News

YWCA Victoria's VP, Cara Gleeson, was invited to comment on the totally inappropriate comments made by Chris Gayle to reporter Mel Mclaughlin.