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By Megan Whytcross

YWCA Victoria Volunteer

In a time where technology dominates, there is an app for everything. Finally, sisters, there is an app for women to find other women friends, named Hey! VINA.

Founded in San Francisco by two inspiring ladies, the app was recently launched in San Francisco, and will eventually be launched elsewhere (I can’t wait!) Promoting the app as a way to connect, empower and celebrate women, Hey! VINA allows women to engage with other women in an easy and harmonious way. Once women sign up to the app, they are asked a few questions that assists in finding like-minded friends, such as if they would like to catch up for coffee or wine or both. Much like the beloved Tinder, women are to swipe left or right to find a match and well-lah, friends!

Many women find it hard to find their sister from another mister for a variety of reasons, such as moving cities frequently. It can be hard starting out in a new place, where established circles exist and can be difficult to break into, especially as a fully grown adult human. Being thrown into new situations, with new (gasp) people can make the most assured of women timid or unsure. Women often struggle with confidence in themselves and what they can offer someone through a friendship.  Approaching strangers or striking up a conversation with a work colleague can leave people sweaty palmed and frog throated. As a straight up introduction, Hey! VINA removes the often anxiety raising initial contact with another human, placing you straight into a pool of other awesome ladies.

Once Hey! VINA is launched outside of San Francisco and New York, there will be the potential for female travellers to connect with other women whilst travelling, increasing a feeling of safety in numbers when travelling alone. The app also opens up the possibilities of creating networks in a professional sense, putting together chicks with similar interests or hobbies, finding a study /learning partner and increasing your overall happiness, you buddied-up lasses.

As a subset of the Hey! VINA girl power revolution is ‘Ladybrag’, which is simply that; a platform for women to brag about an accomplishment of theirs. The boasting ranges from outstanding professional achievements to eating a chocolate bar. The idea is to create a positive space for women to announce their achievements in their lives, however small or large.  Stereotypically, women are less likely than men to talk about their successes, and it can negatively impact how they see themselves, or how they are viewed by others.  The space also allows ladies to offer support and encouragement to other Ladybraggers, forming a warm and fuzzy, self-assured community of women.

Hey! VINA and Ladybrag welcomes an exciting new app-world for ladies to connect with others and to bask in their successes as everyday wonder women; that’s app-solutely something I am looking forward to.