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It's Time For Our June Feminist News Roundup

Mamamia founder, Mia Freedman, again courts controversy with an introduction to an interview with feminist author, Roxane Gay. Gay called it "cruel and humiliating." Here's an article about the incident.

The State Government, through the Eastern Domestic Violence Centre (EDVOS), funds training for hairdressers to spot signs of domestic abuse. Select hairdressers, from July, will be taught about the different signs and types of abuse, and how to ask respectful questions and respond accordingly. Read more about the initiative here.

The Wonder Woman movie premiers in Australia, to mixed reviews. Some say it's feminist masterpiece- others aren't so sure!

HACK LIVE airs a special on ABC2- a debate on male privilege. Hosted by Tom Tilley, the program featured a panel that included feminist writer Clementine Ford, conservative writer Daisy Cousens, transgender author Nevo Zisin and men’s rights activist Adrian Johnson. Most people hated it. Read about it here if you dare!

Another milestone for Larissa Waters! The Greens co-deputy leader becomes the first politican to speak in Parliament whilst breastfeeding.

Indigenous slam poet and activist, Alice Eather, dies aged 28. She was venerated across Australian Indigenous and arts communities for using slam poetry and documentary to pressure a US oil company to withdraw its application to frack for gas in her home — Arnhem Land.Read more about her amazing achievements here.

Indigenous actress Rosalie Kunoth-Monks signs a memorandum of understanding on behalf of the Alukura Foundation with Sydney's Barker College to establish the Jedda Academy for the Education of Young Girls on the Utopia Homelands. The college will strengthen young people's learning by grounding them firmly in their own culture by local educators.Read more about the school here.

The Australian census results are in! In a shocking twist, it's found that one in four Australian men did no domestic work in the week prior! Come on fellas, clean the toot!