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Dear Diary Returns on November 9th!

We’ve gathered a group of some of Melbourne’s most brainy, talented and funny women to read out their cringe-worthy teenage diaries for your amusement. 

Join our host, comedian Rose Callaghan, as we take a journey through the journals of comedians, writers and musicians- with a suitable retro soundtrack to match. Participants and guests are also encouraged to dress as their teenage selves, or “of the era.” 

It’s all for a good cause- all profits go towards our work in mentoring, cultural events, education, childcare and women's accommodation. The Y is currently housing around 300 women across the state, 70% of which have experienced family violence. The need for housing is growing rapidly, but you can help! 

Tegan Higginbotham (comedian, writer, actor)
Georgia Maq (musician- CAMP COPE)
Eve Ellenbogen (comedian, NYC)
Urvi Majumdar (comedian, writer)
Emily Naismith (writer, editor, host of Ingredipedia podcast) 
Adalya Nash Hussein (writer, editor- Voiceworks)

November 9, 7:30pm

The Toff in Town

Facebook event here. 
Tickets HERE. 
Hosted by Rose Callaghan
Art by Monica Crusellas