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Just a Quick Update From Us...

Practically, this merger provides the YWCA with the opportunity to build a national voice and profile, align our purpose, vision and programs and to provide a wider scope of service and opportunities for women across Australia. 

What does that mean for membership? Well, all current members will have an opportunity to join the new entity- however we're examining the best way to make this a smooth and effective transition. But don't worry, members will still be able to engage with local YWCA offices both locally and nationally, special interest groups, friendship groups, volunteering, the Young Women's Council and more. 

So hold up on renewing that membership, gals! If you'd like to join the new YWCA Australia and haven't as yet signed up to be a member, please contact us- we'll pop you on the waiting list and get in touch! 

Got more questions about the merger? Go here.