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Ring-A-Ding! YWCA National Merger News!

Back in 2015, YWCAs across Australia started discussing the possibility of a merger in order to consolidate all of our member organisations into one powerful and united voice for Australian women and girls.

Since then, we’ve been working hard to plan out an effective pathway to achieving this goal, alongside extensive consultation with our mighty members! (That’s you!)

Recently, we have completed the following..

•             the completion of extensive legal and financial due diligence,

•             the development of a compelling business case, and

•             the development of a new constitution.

Everything is moving along rapidly and effectively which is fantastic.

Recently, we’ve been consulting with our legal eagles to secure pro bono representation to make sure our plans are a-ok! Ten organisations have committed to merging by the end of 2017, with ongoing discussions to ensure we have established pathways for inclusion and collaboration.

In addition, we’ve been surveying our staff regarding their thoughts, and as always, we want to hear from you.  Visit the YWCA Merger site for more information, and sign up for updates here.