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Young Women's Sub-Committee

After 150 years of serving the women of Australia, state and local associations of the YWCA have taken the historic decision to merge their expertise and resources to amplify their voice and strengthen their impact.

By coming together, the YWCAs are creating a strong, unified, national feminist organisation of women, young women and girls, working to achieve gender equality. Our vision: "All women, young women and girls are safe and respected, with equal access to power, opportunity and resources".

As part of the establishment of the new national YWCA Australia, we are seeking to recruit committed and passionate young women to join a transitional Young Women’s Sub-Committee of the Board. The role of this Sub-Committee is short term and the expected tenure for this position is approximately 6 months in duration, to conclude at the first AGM of the new entity (expected November 2018, where a Young Women’s Council will be elected).

The Sub-Committee will play a pivotal role in ensuring the diverse voices of young women across Australia are captured and understood by the organisation as we build a cohesive, collaborative and highly effective national YWCA. All Sub-Committee members will require vision, passion and a strong ability to work as a team. Commitment to the shared values of the YWCA will be critical and all applicants must members of a YWCA that is merging into the new national entity.

Applications to join the Sub-Committee are open to all young self-identifying women who are members of the Y. Applications close on Sunday 22nd April.Put your hand up! More info on applying here