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YWCA's "Lakehouse" Wins National Award

YWCA National Housing has been announced as the recipient of PowerHousing Australia’s Leadership and Innovation Award.


Hoo boy, August was a BIG one for feminist-adjacent newsbites. Read on, friends! 

A Feminine Approach to Corporate Culture

Kat Cazanis runs Nitty Gritty, a Melbourne based branding and strategy consultancy working with many brands in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and non-profit industries. She shares her thoughts on what it means to be a "Woman in Business" and what running a business with feminine values looks like.


This Saturday August 11th, we're excited to present the latest in their series of conversations between inspiring women. TINAtalks: In Conversation with Meshel Laurie and Jane Gilmore brings two giants of media and feminism, discussing work, life and men in the wake of #MeToo. 

Feminist News Roundup- May 2018

Did you miss anything last month? Catch up on all of May's gal-adjacent news right here. 

Check On Your Strong Friend

Writer, cultural commentator and YWCA member, Nadine Chemali, reflects on the recent spate of celebrity suicides, collective trauma and the feminism of human connection. 

Just a Quick Update From Us...

As you may have heard, YWCAs across Australia have voted in a historic move to become one unified and strong national entity. But what does that mean for our members? 


Each month we celebrate the achievements and milestones of women throughout history.