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Did You Miss Out On TINAtalks #5?

Never fear, we've popped up the video for your viewing pleasure. Featuring host Jenny Valentish with guests Adalita, Lisa Carver and Michelle Law.

September Member of the Month

Each month we select one of our amazing members to tell us a little about themselves, why they are members of the Y and what they hope for the Y community to achieve.

Gift Box Organic

Gift Box is a tampon company with a heart. It's a one-for-one social enterprise - for every box of organic tampons purchased, a box will be donated to women who are homeless and cannot access sanitary care. Think Tom's Shoes and Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. Instead of the profits of essential products going into big corporations, Gift Box will sell high quality organic tampons in stores and online, and use the profits to gives back to women in need. 

Feminist News Round Up - September!

A female majority cabinet, Australian Pay Gap Day, H&M's contraversial "feminist" ad campaign and much more in our Feminist news roundup this September!

What is Australian Pay Gap Day?

On September 8th this year will be Australian’s next Pay Gap Day, but many are unclear on what this actually is or what it means. The Australia Pay Gap Day is held on a different day annually, calculated by the number of days from the end of the last financial year (starting on July 1st) that it would take women to earn as much as men. The eventual goal of Pay Gap Day is that an Equal Pay Day will one day be celebrated on June 30, when pay equality for all genders is finally accomplished.


Each month we celebrate the achievements and milestones of women throughout history.