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Check On Your Strong Friend

Writer, cultural commentator and YWCA member, Nadine Chemali, reflects on the recent spate of celebrity suicides, collective trauma and the feminism of human connection. 

International Women's Day Great Debate!

Institute of Managers and Leaders is delighted to announce the International Women’s Day Great Debate is back in 2018! And this year, it's in aid of the Y.

Young Australian Women To Look Out For In 2018

Young Australian Women To Look Out For In 2018

Happy 135th to Us!

Did you know that YWCA Victoria is celebrating our 135th year?! We had some fab cupcakes and a lot of sparkling wine at our recent AGM. It filled us with pride to look back at the organisation’s accomplishments, initiatives and the hard work of all of the Y-Women before us. Want to hear about them? Good, cause we wrote a little blog about it!