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Candidate Close Up: Brooke Wandin

Brooke, you are a candidate for Councillor of City of Melbourne upcoming election. Apart from this, what else do you do? What’s your working background? 

I am a mother of 3 girls.  I am a public speaker, focusing on Aboriginal history and in particular the fascinating stories associated with Coranderrk, a former Aboriginal mission in Healesville.  I currently facilitate Youth Club, an after school program for Aboriginal youth run by Healesville Indigenous Community Services Association(HICSA).  Also since 2013, I have managed various projects at Coranderrk, ranging from music festivals, community gatherings, tours, land management, including the implementation of a whole farm plan.  I am currently a Board Member of both HICSA & Wandoon Estate Aboriginal Corporation (organisation which manages the Coranderrk property)

Can you pinpoint an event or moment that made you truly excited about politics? 

I would have to say when Kevin Rudd publicly apologised to the Stolen Generations.  It was such an emotional speech and I came to realise that change WAS possible. But one speech would not solve all issues faced by Aboriginal people, there is still so much work to be done!

Do you have a mentor or hero you look up to in the political world? If so, what qualities do you admire about them? 

Senator Malarndirri McCarthy.  To see an Aboriginal woman speak the language of her country in her maiden speech, WOW, what a precious gift. I also admire her longevity as a journalist and news presenter.  I will be watching with interest to see what she achieves.

Like many candidates, you’ve been out meeting the public as part of your campaign. What are some of the biggest concerns you are hearing? 

I think some groups feel their views are not represented.  Also the concern about fair and even distribution of financial support. But the issues are varied, from education, housing, to rubbish collection.

You're a Wurundjeri woman- what parts of your Indigenous heritage, knowledge and culture will you bring to the role? 

I hope to bring honesty, humility and cooperation.  True teamwork and collaboration is an effective way of solving issues that could enhance the lives of Melburnians. One simple thing I will change is sharing some Aboriginal history with the City Ambassadors.  To arm the volunteers with knowledge they can share with the huge numbers that visit our great city.

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