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Melbourne is a tourist mecca for a lot of reasons- namely our great collection of cultural attractions. Our galleries, museums, laneways and stages bring thousands of people to our city every year.

Hopefully adding to this list will be a permanent, uplifting space dedicated to honouring the achievement of Australian women, and in turn, inspiring girls.

The idea for HER PLACE was sparked in May 2014 by a group of Victorian women with leadership backgrounds in unions, museums, not-for-profits, finance and media. All identified the need for a physical place as well as an online collection that would celebrate the “social civic and entrepreneurial achievements of women, known and unknown” and be an educational resource for everyone.

However, prior to establishing this space, the HER PLACE team are unveiling the aims of the project and giving the public a chance to see a snippet of what’s in the pipeline.

Taking place at Melbourne Town Hall and opening on May 16, the HER PLACE pop up museum highlights the contributions of 9 amazing women to Australia’s social, cultural and economic story through film, oral histories, text and objects. Visitors will discover the stories of women pilots, war heroes, activists, artists and more.

The general public will also be encouraged to participate in a stimulating program of panel discussions. From the 21st- 31st May, HER PLACE have curated a great selection of panels, spanning subjects like women in sport, young feminism and family violence.

HER PLACE Pop-Up Museum runs 16 May –  3 June 2016 at the Melbourne Town Hall.

For more information, as well as discussion forum details and times, visit the HER PLACE website.