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Young Australian Women To Look Out For In 2018

Young Australian Women To Look Out For In 2018

Happy 135th to Us!

Did you know that YWCA Victoria is celebrating our 135th year?! We had some fab cupcakes and a lot of sparkling wine at our recent AGM. It filled us with pride to look back at the organisation’s accomplishments, initiatives and the hard work of all of the Y-Women before us. Want to hear about them? Good, cause we wrote a little blog about it!

Breaking Down Barriers for Migrant Women

The number of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) young women in Victoria is growing. What are the barriers they face and how can they be addressed?

Technology, Domestic Violence and the Law..The Y Investigates

As many of us know, domestic abuse isn’t always physical. Unfortunately, the rapid expanse of technology has presented both victims and legislators with a whole new set of problems.

Quickie Podcast

Quickie is a short-form, feminist podcast that shoots straight from the lip.

What's PAPpening to the SMEAR in 2017?

One of our friends saw some articles regarding changes to the way we *PAP* in 2017. If the changes to your cervix inspections have you vexed, take Dr Kim Pham's hand and she'll guide you through it!

January Member of the Month

Meet our Member of the Month for January, passionate feminist, comms whiz and sex education activist, Casey!