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Take #2 - More Women for Local Governments - What Now?

(Cr Susanne Newton on the campaign trail!)

Well its been almost 6 weeks since we voters spoke and a record number of women councillors were elected across 78 councils in 2016’s Victorian Local Government elections. The 17 year campaign for more women in local government is showing results, with the latest effort through the  GoWomenLG Project co-funded by the VLGA and the Victorian Government and wide support from local governments and communities. But we need YOU.

If you were one of the 725 women who ran, or one of the supporters of just interested – what can you do to make sure that this “critical mass” means something?

My blog a month ago featured elected candidates Jessica O’Donnell (Baw Baw), Steph Amir (Darebin), Brooke Wandin (Melbourne), Susanne Newton (Darebin) and Emilia Sterjova (Whittlesea). These are only a very few of the amazing women who were elected.

Activate our Grrrl Power.  Here’s a few ideas!

Check out your local Councillors – all Councillors are contactable by mobile and email. So invite one of the women Councillors you elected for a coffee chat! Big chance she will be really pleased to hear from you. Make it a chat to find out more and get to know her a little.

Stand by your elected women – don’t let them face adversity alone, decisions of Council are binding to all councillors even if they disagree. Know that there might be times they do things you really really disagree with, and should that happen be prepared to learn about how they do their job and what will help them do it better.

Go to a few council meetings – make it a party! And witness your council at work. Take a few mates and have dinner afterwards.

Be a change maker - ask for an e-copy or hard copy of the Council Plan – find out what your Council has been doing for and with women. New Council Plans for the next 4 years will be adopted by mid 2017, so now is a great time to work effectively with and influence your councillors.

More info?

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