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Five Grade 9 girls stirred up the scientific community with their biology experiment that showed WiFi is not as harmless as we thought. Read more here.  


The first data released from the 2016 Australian Census shows women are still disadvantaged by the amount of housework they are doing compared to men. Read more here. 

Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon and this month she did it again, 50 years later! Read more here. 

Tennis star Serena Williams wins the Australian…while pregnant! Read more here.  

A recently announced amendment in the GOP healthcare reform bill has angered women and healthcare professionals across America and, well, the planet. In addition to PTSD stemming from sexual assault and domestic violence, other conditions like postpartum depression and having gotten a cesarean section could also be considered preexisting conditions, making it harder or impossible for some people to access healthcare. Find out more.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday called the GOP-backed Obamacare repeal bill "one of the most disgusting pieces of legislation ever passed," and called it a "death sentence for thousands" of Americans who may not seek medical care when they get sick.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel puzzled many with her statements at Berlin's Women 20 Summit. When asked by a panel moderator if she identified as a feminist, Merkel replied "'I am not afraid of it [the label]. If you think that I am one - please, vote on it. But I don't want to adorn myself with these feathers.' Huh? Read more about it at Elle UK.

The Handmaid's Tale, a TV series based on Margaret Attwood's novel of the same name, premiers starring Elizabeth Moss. The feminist, dystopian story details the life of a woman under the rule of an authoritarian, religious regime in which she has no rights and is used solely to breed children. Sounds topical? Many people think so.