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Following a massive, 7.1 magnitude in Mexico City, The Feminist Brigade is established on Facebook by women in the area. Soon swelling to over 500 members, the group’s mission is simple- to help rescue the marginalized victims of the earthquake, those who may not have anyone else to advocate for them.

Hugh Hefner dies- prompting a wave of feminist articles that argue that the Playboy founder was a misogynist and exploitative of women. Read one here.

Saudi women are granted the right to drive by royal decree, putting an end to a ban lasting 40 years. It’s a great step- but there’s a lot more to be done

Singer, actress and mogul, Rhianna, launches her Fenty beauty line, which is widely applauded for its inclusivity. The brand’s foundation is available in 40 shades, which accommodates very dark skin AND albino skin. Check out one fan’s delight here.

Miss Texas, Margana Wood, takes aim at President Donald Trump’s response to the Charlottesville protest during the Miss America pageant. 

Did a seven year old girl pull the legendary Excalibur sword from a lake in England? You decide!