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Feminist News Round Up November!

Susan Kiefel has been named Australia's first female High Court Chief Justice – ending 113 years of men leading the nation's highest court.  Read more here 

Twenty-eight-year-old Molly Taylor from Sydney made history as the first woman to win the Australian Rally Championship this month.  Taylor was motivated to become top in the sport to match her Mum who was a four-time Australian champion co-driver.  Read more here

The Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has unveiled a 10-year plan that will ensure successive governments deliver all 227 recommendations of Australia’s first royal commission into family violence, along with new funding and education campaigns. The announcement brought the former Australian of the year and family violence survivor Rosie Batty, and many other survivors and advocates in the room, to tears.  Read more here

The State Government announced a $100,000 research grant for endometriosis suffers.  The grant will assist women in getting diagnosed and help finding the support they need.  More than 200,000 women in Victoria alone suffer from the medical condition.  Read more here

Former refugee Ilhan Omar, who proudly wears the hijab, became America’s first Somali-American Muslim woman legislator in Minnesota, USA.  Read more here

U2 Front man Bono has been named Woman of the year by Glamour Magazine.  Many are asking whether men should be rewarded for doing the basic decent act of acknowledging gender equality or whether a there was a woman out there that is more deserving.  Read more here