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Feminist News Round Up - April!

Here's a round up of the news that caught our eye during April... 

April 1st

US Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump said that that women who seek abortions should be subject to “some form of punishment” if the procedure is banned in the United States. The statement came as Mr. Trump appeared at a town-hall-style forum with Chris Matthews of MSNBC- a statement which he later retracted, but reflects the anti-choice sentiment of the Republican Party, echoing the closures of Planned Parenthood clinics around the country.

April 5th

University of Queensland’s Feminist Week Bakesale, held by the UQ Union and the UQU Women’s Collective, attracted ire on Facebook. The bakesale charged men $1 for each baked good, with women paying only the proportion of $1 that they earn comparative to men. (The pay gap currently stands at 17.3%). The result? Instead of discussing the validity of the wage gap, the organisers of the event found themselves on the receiving end of vile online abuse including rape and death threats posted both on the event page and sent to women personally. However, the bakesale sold 200 items in under an hour and was considered an overall success. Read more about it here.


April 12th

A large group of University of New South Wales students protested a sexist song chanted by a group of male students during a boys' night out. The protesters formed a giant R for respect on the uni's lawn and listened to speakers from the Student Representative Council who condemned the "disgusting" video obtained by Junkee, an Australian pop culture news website. You can see and read about it here.

April 18th

Locally, Darebin’s first Liberal Councillor, Cr Oliver Walsh has been sacked after making “vile” and “offensive” comments about Minister for Local Government Natalie Hutchins on social media. Walsh briefly took to Facebook, writing "Fat Natalie looking Gaddaffiesk today." 

The resolution noted the offensive comment made by Cr Walsh about Ms Hutchins was "not acceptable to Darebin City Council and is completely out of step with council's progressive approach to social inclusion and our strong stance against bullying and discrimination". Check out the full story and reaction over here.


April 19th

The UK-based Everyday Sexism Project launched their #wheniwas hashtag, which catalogued women’s shocking stories of sexual abuse and harassment from adolescence and childhood. If you can stomach it, Marie Claire have a campaign roundup.

April 20th

Harriet Tubman, former slave, abolitionist and rescuer of approximately 70 enslaved families and friends via the “Underground Railroad,” is announced as the new face of the American $20 bill. It’s way overdue- she will be the first woman so honored on paper currency since Martha Washington’s portrait briefly graced the $1 silver certificate in the late 19th century. Numerous other women will also be joining her! Find out who over at the New York Times.