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United Voice Victoria holds a meeting at Melbourne’s Trades Hall with the aim of addressing sexual harassment in the hospitality industry. Following a survey stating that over 89% of women have been or are sexually harassed, around 50 hospitality workers attend to hear experts speak, and offer their own experiences and thoughts. Read more here

Incoming French President, Emmanuel Macron, announces the members of his 22-person cabinet ? 11 of them are women. Read more here.  

Chelsea Manning, whistleblower of US government human rights violation and proud trans woman, is released from prison. Find out more about her here. 

Two Australian women start a campaign to target Google to change gendered word definitions, such as “conniving, flighty, promiscuous and shrill.”  It’s a success! Read more here.

Black Lives Matter activists bail out women in jail for minor infringements (remaining there because they are unable to pay bond) in time for Mother’s Day. Read more here.

Greens Co-Deputy Leader, Larissa Waters, makes history by becoming the first politician to breastfeed in the Australian Senate. Read more here. 

The new Republican US healthcare bill, set to replace the Affordable Care Act, is announced and widely criticised by women across the country. Read more here.