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Feminist News Round Up November!!

Gunnai Gunditjmara woman Lidia Thorpe wins the seat of Northcote and becomes the first female Aboriginal elected to the Parliament of Victoria.  Read more here. 

Coca Cola released a commercial in Saudi Arabia meant to celebrate the country’s decision to allow women to drive but many saw it as capitalising on a very serious issue.  Read more here. 

Hello Cass is a text messaging service developed to help people experiencing domestic violence.  It hopes to take pressure off telephone help services and give an alternative way of communicating for those who find it difficult to speak about their situation.  Read more here.  

Delhi police set up 600 all-female motorbike squad to address sexual assault against women.  Read more here. 

Australia’s own Harvey Weinstein case erupted when several women made allegations of harassment against Don Burke of Burke’s Backyard.  Read more here. 

Year 12 student Grace Gouldstone handed back a prize she received at her graduation ceremony because the Federal Liberal MP who sponsored the award is publicly opposed to same-sex marriage.  Read more here.