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Feminist News Round Up - October!

Millions of Polish women all dressed in black left work across the country and took to the streets in protest of a proposed total ban on abortion.  The result was the proposal being rejected in parliament days later.  Read more here


Male Birth Control scrapped for having the same negative side effects women have endured for years. The break through contraception injection has been rejected after test studies showed side effects such as depression, mood disorders and acne, all common side effects of women’s contraception.  The double standard has seen many women take to social media in outrage.  Read more here

Women in Iceland parliament have won 30 seats.  With female candidates winning nearly half of the 63 seats, Iceland now has the most equal Parliament in the world without a quota system.  Where Australia currently has 32% representation in parliament, Iceland now has 48%.  Read more here

AFL is being sent a message loud and clear about pay disparity by women's football fans.  This year the Australian Football League made history by announcing eight women’s league teams but this important event has been dampened with the pay proposal offered to women players.  The offer includes $5000 for 5 months’ work with no health insurance like their male counterparts and no offer to pay for their boots.  This has sparked an online campaign to support women footy players by posting pictures of your feet in no footwear with the hashtag #BootsOff.  Read more here

The screening of a men’s rights documentary The Red Pill has been cancelled from Melbourne’s Palace Cinema’s this month due to the 2,370 signatures gathered by a Change.org campaign.   The film described as misogynistic propaganda stars Paul Elam, the founder of the men’s rights website A Voice for Men who has publicly made many derogatory comments on domestic violence, feminism and rape.  Read more here