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Feminist News Round Up October 2017

In the midst of the media frenzy surrounding Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's charges of sexual assault and harassment, a social media campaign hashtag #metoo was ignited to show how widespread gendered abuse truly is.  Read more on the Weinstein case here.  Read more here on the #metoo response. 

Girls will be allowed to join the American Cub Scouts in 2018.  The organisation’s board of directors unanimously voted to let girls into the Cub Scout program and create a program for older girls to allow them to become Eagle Scouts, their highest rank.  Read more here.

New Zealand elected it's third female Prime Minister.  PM Jacinda Ardern is a Labour Party leader and only 37 years old!  Read more here. 

A campaigner who forced the Bank of England to have female representation on banknotes has pledged to donate her first Jane Austen tenner to a women’s shelter as the new plastic currency enters circulation.  Read more here. 

40-year-old Samantha Ratnam has been elected the new leader of the Victorian Greens, breaking two leadership records for the party in the process — first female and youngest ever leader.  Read more here. 

A request was made for AFL to establish a clear AFLW transgender player policy after AFL declined the AFLW Draft nomination of transgender athlete Hannah Mouncey.  Read more here.