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Feminist News Round Up - September!

Hilary Clinton was condemned after collapsing at a 9/11 service memorial. The reporting on the incident was deluded in trying to convey weakness in the America presidential candidate rather than openly stating that she collapsed due to having pneumonia. Capitalising public exposure on condemning a woman on her health concerns as a form of weakness is nothing new, we hope you are feeling better, Hil! Read more here

A 14-year-old girl has decided to sue Facebook over publishing and failing to remove a crude image of her, as well as the man who published the picture of her. Facebook attempted to strike out the court action, but is expected to have a full trial held against it to uphold its requirement to ensure nudity and sexual exploitation is not allowed and dealt with effectively and appropriately. Read more here

The unveiling of the Northern Territory government’s cabinet on September 12th has revealed that it will be a female majority.  The female representation in the cabinet is sitting at 62.5%, which is a momentous victory for female politicians and female’s everywhere. Read more on this here

On September 8th this year was the Australia Pay Gap Day. This day is held annually, calculated by the number of days from the end of the last financial year (starting on July 1st) that it would take women to earn as much as men. The gender pay gap, put simply, is the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly full time earnings. The gap is conveyed as a percentage, weighted against what men earn in comparison to women. Considered and recorded annually by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, the Australian national gender pay gap is sourced from labour force data with help from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


Brock Turner released from prison after only serving three months for the Stanford sexual assault case. The case gained momentum in the media because of the minor sentencing, and the level of victim blaming that they case represents so much in similar all-too-often occurrences. Turner’s victim wrote a powerful statement after the assault that resonated with the wider community, pinpointing the exact problem with rape culture and inability to provide justice to its victims. Turner had been sentenced to only six months in prison, followed by three years’ probation, but has been released early, continuing public outrage at his lack of responsibility for his ’20 minutes of action’ and attempts to play the victim of alcohol consumption and society. Read more here.

The previous Essendon captain, Jobe Watson returned from a year hiatus in New York as barista this september after being suspended for 12 months. He was one of many players who received a penalty after taking a banned performance-enhancing sports drug.He wore a "feminist" hat, after being inspired by his New York flatmate, and promised her he would wear the hat at a media conference in Australia. Read more about this here

Italy withdraws National Fertility campaign after outrage. An Italian nationwide fertility government campaign, that encourages women to be wary of their age and their ‘biological’ clock has been withdrawn. The campaign suggested that women need to hurry up and have children.

H&M releases apparently feminist advertisement that “destroys what it means to be a lady”. The ad is controversial due to the opposite message their publicity has been in relation to their employees.  Why is empowerment only for the women that buy clothes at your stores, and not for the women in your factories, who are locked into dead end jobs with little pay and no ability to unionize? What about the women that are being fired for being pregnant and the ones dying from illegal back alley abortions to try and keep their jobs? Read more here

Y friend and fab lady, Clementine Ford released her book this month. After a whilrwind recently of online and public abuse for standing up for herself, and equality, Clem has compiled a book of real life experience with victim blaming, sexism, body image and modern day feminsm in "Fight Like a Girl". Read more about Ford's release here.