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Feminist News Roundup- January!

A group of Saudi Arabian women made headlines across the world when their music video, title "Hwages" (meaning "concerns") railed against the oppression of women in the country. In particular, they attacked Saudi Arabia's "guardianship rules," and the ban on women driving, all whilst playing basketball, singing, dancing — all activities women are not allowed to do in public spaces. It's really awesome- you can watch it here.

Former convicted drug trafficker, Debbie Kilroy, was appointed to the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council.

Kilroy was a young mother of two when she was convicted in 1989 for selling cannabis to undercover police.

She got a degree in social work while behind bars. Building on her prisoner advocacy through the Sisters Inside organisation and her award-winning human rights work on her release, she stunned many in the legal community by gaining court approval to become a solicitor in 2007. Read this article for more, and check out the brilliant and vital work of Sisters Inside.

Millions of women around the world marched in protest against "misogyny, bigotry and hatred," coinciding with the election of US President Donald Trump. It was the largest protest march in history and organisers are now said to be planning a "women's strike." Stay tuned...

The movie "Hidden Figures" opened to critical acclaim. The movie follows the lives of 3 African American women, who like most women in their field helped the US succeed in the space race and remain written not only out of the history books, these "human computers" are also largely unacknowledged by NASA too :(


The AFL Women's League "kicked off" (lol) in Melbourne with Carlton v Collingwood playing to a completely packed out crowd. (a couple of thousand people were turned away!).

Check out the path to the League in this really interesting article which traces women's history in the game.

Sweden’s deputy prime minister, Isabella Lövin, published a photograph of herself signing a climate bill surrounded by her closest female colleagues. It appears to mimic a photo of Donald Trump signing a decree barring US federal funding for foreign NGOs that support abortion, as his all-male colleagues looked on.You be the judge. (We think she's trolling him and it's awesome)

Locally, the Victorian Government announced that it will provide funding for an Australian-first program to try and reduce sexual assault and harassment in live music venues. The move, which has come after pressure from local groups like (our buddies) LISTEN and SLAM. The taskforce's proposal was for a training program for staff and security of nine venues, including education on how to respond to incidents and ensure victims are listened to and treated properly when making a complaint. The aim is to reduce the number of sexual assaults in venues and the pilot includes an evaluation program to see if it works.

More about the announcement here.