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Feminist News Roundup- January 2018

Iceland becomes the first country in the world to guarantee pay parity. Following years of passing legislation promoting equal pay, employers that fail to ensure men and women are paid equally will now be subject to fines. Read more

One of Hollywood’s biggest awards nights, the Golden Globes, charges head first into the #metoo movement with its own hashtag and cause, #TimesUp. Time’s Up supports workers who have experienced sexual assault and harassment through financial support and advocacy and is funded mostly by women in the entertainment industry. From the website- “TIME’S UP is a unified call for change from women in entertainment for women everywhere. From movie sets to farm fields to boardrooms alike, we envision nationwide leadership that reflects the world in which we live.”

Oprah is also honoured at the ceremony with the Cecil B DeMille award, and brings the crowd to their feet with a poignant and powerful speech. Some even call for her to run for President! (a politician would be great next time though, guys). It’s awesome, check it out here if you haven’t.

Sri Lanka disposes of a 60 year-old law which bands women from buying alcohol. Cheers to that!

The Pakistani government is considering a bill that would guarantee basic rights for transgender people, including the right to inherit property, be counted in the census and obtain ID cards listing them as third gender. Transgender women activists lead the majority of public activism.

Tasmania’s only abortion clinic is forced to close

Under new social reform laws, Saudi women are allowed to attend football matches for the first time. 

Shortly after her appointment as NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern reports that she’s expecting her first child! Twenty-seven years ago, then leader of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto gave birth to her daughter Bakhtawar on January, 25 1990, and was reportedly the first modern head of government to give birth while in office. So this will make the New Zealand PM the second openly pregnant head of state in history! Ardern appears slightly taken aback by the interest in her pending motherhood. “I’m just pregnant, not incapacitated,” she said. “Like everyone else who has found themselves pregnant before, I’m just keeping on going.” So awesome. 

Conversations around consent kick into overdrive when an anonymous woman details a date-gone-wrong with self-declared feminist and comedian/actor Aziz Ansari.

Ursula K. Le Guin, the immensely popular author who brought literary depth and a tough-minded feminist sensibility to science fiction and fantasy with books like “The Left Hand of Darkness” and the Earthsea series, dies at her home in Portland. 

Lawrence G. Nassar, a prominent doctor for U.S.A. Gymnastics pleads guilty to multiple sex crimes. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina opens her courtroom to nearly 140 girls and women, including several prominent Olympic gymnasts, to give statements against Dr. Nassar. Judge Aquilina’s vow to let every victim speak also unexpectedly turned the hearing into a cathartic forum that emboldened dozens of women to come forward with accounts of abuse. 

TWO women take out Australian of the Year! Quantum physicist Prof Michelle Yvonne Simmons is  named the 2018 Australian of the year for her pioneering work in the field of quantum computing and Matildas striker Sam Kerr, who last year became the all-time leading goal scorer in the National Women’s Soccer League and the Asian confederation’s player of the year, is named the Young Australian of the Year.

The Women’s March bring out literally millions of women around the world.