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Feminist News Roundup- June!

No real flow on tampon tax, rape victim speaks up, and rapping lit our fem fire this June!




23-year-old rape survivor writes letter to her attacker. Read it here. The heartbreaking, painful letter eloquently expresses the feelings of guilt, fear, oppression and devastations that overwhelm rape victims everywhere. The letter sparked debate around the questionable legal system practice for rich, white man that receives preferential treatment when committing such a crime.  The letter created an awareness and discussion around an issue that is normally avoided, such as the PSA video of brave survivor support that the cast of girls created here.The victim’s bravery and case challenged the way in which victims are blamed and shamed.




Widespread protests emerged regarding the abolishment of the tampon tax – deeming them as non-essential items.  The tampon tax is still taxed under both major political parties. Read more here





Winter is here, with the feminist friendly and female empowerment promoting Season 6 Game of Thrones – burning sexism to the ground. Read about it here




Collingwood president and broadcaster Eddie McGuire insulted journalist, Caroline Wilson and women everywhere on public radio, stating that he would pay $50,000 to see her stay under a pool of iced water. The wider community quickly jumped on the comment as overtly sexist and offensive (see it here), with a zero tolerance for casual language and jokes that are offensive to women being a very big part of misogynistic behaviour.




An ‘Abortion drone, carrying Misoprostol and Mifepristone (used in medical abortions) flew from Ireland to Northern Ireland, allowing the recipient to obtain a medical abortion under UK legislation. The drone was launched as a response to Ireland’s strict abortion legislation – some of the strictest in the world, and is pushing the way to questioning whether the European Convention on Human Rights laws are being breached. Read more about it here





Gender discussion leading up to election has revealed that the current state of Australia politics does not support women. Too many structural inequalities still exists, despite significant improvements in gender rights and roles particularly over the last 40 years - slowing down in recent decades. There is an over-emphasis on the economic rights of people, rather than social rights such as welfare payments, children's services, equal pay, and paid parental leave. Read more about it here




Afghan rap singer, Sonita Alizadeh, is awarded for her life story depiction in a documentary entitled Sonita in the 2016 World Cinema Documentary Audience Awards. Sonita is also known for her Warrior against Child Marriage rap song.