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Feminist News Roundup- March!

The Andrews Government announces a new initiative to help women and children to escape domestic violence- with their pets.

The Government has invested $100,000 for the Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre, Lort Smith Animal Hospital, the RSPCA and the Municipal Association of Victoria to work together to establish the Pets in Crisis program.  Minister for Families and Children Jenny Mikakos-

“We know that one of the reasons that can prevent women from leaving violent relationships is because they’re worried about their pets.” Read more here

Pedestrian traffic lights are changed to depict a figure in a dress crossing the road in the Melbourne CBD. The move, devised by the Committee for Melbourne - a non-profit organisation comprising more than 120 Melbourne business and community groups- is intend to address unconscious gender bias. Not everyone is happy about it though.

On International Women's Day, a bronze statue of a defiant girl is placed directly in front of the iconic Wall Street charging bull.

The statue, installed by State Street Global Advisors, is intended to send a powerful message about gender diversity in the workplace. (Yes, it’s a marketing strategy).

The statue depicts a girl in a dress and sneakers, standing firmly with her hands on her hips, looking up with a proud expression. 

Saudi Arabia, one of the countries with the worst gender equality ratings in the world, debuts new Girls’ Council. The kicker? Photos show that the council consists of 15 men.

The Northern Territory Government legalises the medical termination of pregnancy and passes law decriminalising abortion with a vote of twenty to four. Under the new legislation women in the Territory will now also have access to the abortion pill RU486. Read more here

In the US, the “Freedom Caucus” meets to discuss the future of healthcare in the country. A major question in the final negotiations? Whether or not maternity care and mammograms should be considered "essential" treatments covered by all health insurance policies under the Republican proposal. ("I wouldn't want to lose my mammograms," quipped Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), who supports scrapping the requirement. He apologized.) What’s missing from the picture? You guessed right- anyone that isn’t a white guy! But good news- they fail to find an alternative to Obamacare.

Also- we say “good!” to this.

Across the water in New Zealand, Dunedin North Intermediate in the South Island abolishes gendered uniforms for its pupils and replaces them with shorts, a kilt and trousers that can be worn by either sex.