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Feminist News Roundup- May!

Here's a round up of the news that caught our eye during May... 

May 5th

The Babayagas House as finally been inaugurated in France- a project that has been 15 years in the making. It’s a self-managed feminist social housing project devised and run by a community of dynamic female senior citizens who want to keep their independence, but live communally. Babayaga also means “witch” in Slavic. Love it.

May 11th

Friends and feminist scholars bell hooks and Janet Mock have a public brain-stoush over Beyonce’s acclaimed and much discussed visual album, Lemonade. Yet it wasn’t exactly a rave review from hooks.  She noted the “utterly aestheticized” presentation of the female form in Beyoncé’s project, and questioned whether the album does anything to resolve the challenges faced by black women: “Simply showcasing beautiful black bodies does not create a just culture of optimal well being where black females can become fully self-actualized and be truly respected,” hooks wrote. Mock argued that hooks’s descriptions of the women in “Lemonade” — their “big hair,” their “fashion-plate fantasy” looks — are phrases that “reek of judgment of glamour, femininity & femme presentations,” Mock wrote. “It echoes dismissal of femmes as less serious, colluding with patriarchy, merely using our bodies rather than our brains to sell, be seen, survive. We gotta stop this. All of us.” Fascinating stuff.  We very much recommend you investigate further over at the Washington Post.

May 20th

For the first time in Australia, the Victorian government will trial removing personal details - such as name, gender, age and location - from job applications to rule out discrimination or unconscious bias. A great step in encouraging gender and cultural diversity in the workplace. Read more here.

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem appears in Australia as part of Sydney Writer’s Festival. It’s her first visit to the country since the 1980s. Check out her interview with another legendary woman, Leigh Sales here.

May 23th

Facebook officially apologises for refusing to accept an advert for an body positive event hosted by Melbourne based feminist collective Cherchez la Femme. The advertisement featured a picture of plus-sized model Tess Holliday and was rejected by Facebook because it "depicts a body... in an undesirable manner".

May 24th

Stars Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon celebrate the 25th anniversary of feminist classic “Thelma and Louise.” Both stars continue to be vocal, intelligent and awesome feminists. Look at this great interview and make sure you check out the Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media

May 26th

Nova Peris shocks the public with her emotional resignation from the Senate. She said, "I walked into Parliament as the first Aboriginal woman and until you are an Aboriginal person, do not criticise me for the decisions I have made". We pay tribute to her achievements and recognise that she has paved the way for indigenous female representation in government.

May 27th

Comedy website Funny or Die release "The Best Safe Space For Women Was Made By This Man.” Just watch.