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Feminist News

Feminist News Roundup- March!

This month we celebrated International Women's Day and faced down a lot of bull...

Feminist News Roundup- January!

It wasn't just the Women's March that made the news this month!


Abortion rights get worse in Texas, a shocking truth revealed in Last Tango in Paris, Romania almost gets a Muslim Woman leader and some women dress as sausages in an spicy protest on the red carpet.  All this and more in Feminist News Round Up this December!

Feminist News Round Up November!

A month of firsts for Australian women! Our first High Court Chief Justice and Australian Rally Championship winner!  Good news for domestic violence funding, endometriosis sufferers and for a young refugee politician in Mennisota.  Don't even get us started about Bono winning best woman of the year! All this and more in Feminist News Round Up this November!

Feminist News Round Up - October!

Poland women on strike, boots off for AFL, men's rights doco canned and much more in our Feminist news roundup this October!

Feminist News Round Up - September!

A female majority cabinet, Australian Pay Gap Day, H&M's contraversial "feminist" ad campaign and much more in our Feminist news roundup this September!

Feminist News Round Up - August!

The Rio Olympics highlights gender inequality, sexism and sexualisation that still exists within the sporting world, Obama captures our heart again with letter on what feminism means to him and "let them eat cake" comment backfires on UK MP Philip Davies.

Feminist News Round Up - July!

The spice girls urges women to say #WhatIReallyReallyWant, Van Banham knocks anti-equality language out of the park and the all-female-lead Ghostbusters hits cinemas this July!