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Moving with the times

June, 2016: Bendigo Magazine Editorial Piece

The YWCA has been part of our culture for almost 150 years. Even so, the organisation continues to evolve and strive to meet the needs of a contemporary community and is calling on Bendigo's women to join it's ranks.

YWCA Fosters Friendships for Young Women

May, 2016: Metro Newspaper Editorial Piece

YWCA Victoria is looking for dedicated and inspiring young women to participate in their long-running Asista Program.

Why we love the 'Y'!

April, 2016: Ruby Magazine Editorial Piece

With a history spanning over 130 years, chances are, you’ve heard of the YWCA. Present in over 125 countries and engaging with 25 million women and girls each year, it is the largest women's organisation in the world.

YWCA Tackles Housing Crisis

March 2, 2016: Media Release

YWCA tackles housing crisis at launch of affordable housing policy paper.

YWCA Victoria on SBS News

January 5, 2016: SBS World News

YWCA Victoria's VP, Cara Gleeson, was invited to comment on the totally inappropriate comments made by Chris Gayle to reporter Mel Mclaughlin.