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Moving with the times

June, 2016

Bendigo Magazine Editorial Piece

The YWCA has been part of our culture for almost 150 years. Even so, the organisation continues to evolve and strive to meet the needs of a contemporary community and is calling on Bendigo's women to join it's ranks.

Don't let the name put you off joining. Today's Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) is open to older women as well as young women and is also secular in nature.

The organisation has grown and evolved to fulfull the needs of contemporary women and works to mentor, empower and engage women and their communities through education, events, sports and housing.

"We also act as an advocate and campaigner for women's rights across the state and are proud to be a powerful voice for equality and equal opportunity," YWCA Victoria CEO, Jan Berriman says.

Continue reading the full editorial piece here

Many thanks to Bendigo Magazine for featuring YWCA Victoria in the Winter 2016 edition and to YWCA Victoria member, Kelly, for agreeing to be a part of the feature. Great photo Kelly!