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Monash University- Stepping Up For A Good Cause!

The lunchtime walks have become a regular feature in the lead up to the Run for the Y this July as part of the annual Run Melbourne event.

The walking group members include Dinusha Dharmaratna, Stephanie Anandappa and Harpreet McShane who regularly brave the cold for a brisk 30-minute walk around the Clayton campus.

The group started in March in preparation for Run Melbourne to raise money for the YWCA's ASISTA Program. It’s a fantastic way to bond with colleagues while staying fit, especially during winter, when it’s all too easy to hit the snooze button rather than head to the gym.

Muyesser Durur, Director Diplomas and President of YWCA Victoria is leading the charge for a Monash College Run for the Run Melbourne event.

The event helps fund scholarships for young women in child protection, who are linked with YWCA through a mentoring program that matches young women with an older female mentor.

Register online to join in and walk or run on the day, or support the cause by donating to our TEAM PAGE today.


If you'd like to donate directly to the Monash team you can do so below-
Harpreet McShane, Operations Manager, Diplomas of Business Manager

Dinusha Dharmaratna, Teacher

Stephanie Anandappa, Marketing Teacher (Diplomas)