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PRESS RELEASE- YWCA Welcomes Housing Growth Fund


Press Release

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YWCA Welcomes Housing Growth Fund

Today, the Victorian Government announced a new Affordable Housing Strategy which includes a fund to assist the growth of community housing, a move that has been welcomed by YWCA Housing and YWCA Victoria

The $1 billion Social Housing Growth Fund, a collaboration between government, private and philanthropic sectors, will enable access to low interest loans using the borrowing power of the Victorian Government. It is expected that this will provide community housing associations with the ability to support an estimated 2200 households. In addition, the returns will be used as a funding stream to build new social and affordable homes, and subsidise rent for Victorians in need of housing assistance.

Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, Martin Foley, said today, “With no signs of leadership from the Turnbull Government, we will partner with the community housing sector to provide people with access to more safe, secure and affordable housing.”

“This investment will ensure that social housing continues to increase and homes are provided to who need it most.”

YWCA Housing, a subsidiary company of YWCA Victoria, has witnessed the increase in demand for housing- especially safe and affordable housing for women.

YWCA CEO, Jan Berriman, said, “As one of the largest  housing providers for women in the state, we welcome and applaud this initiative. We have a seen a sharp rise in demand for sustainable, long term housing for some time, especially amongst older women,” she said.

“However, at this stage, we simply do not have the resources to house 87% of applicants- we’re hoping this program will assist us to majorly lower that rate.”

The management of 4000 public housing properties will also be transferred to the community housing sector to improve services to tenants through better property management, local housing services, access to support services and grow social housing.

“YWCA Housing is excited to be a part of this restructure, and confident that we can provide an effective support network and smooth transition for tenants occupying this existing stock,” Berriman said. “We look forward to collaborating with the Victorian Government to create stable, long-term affordable solutions for women during this housing crisis.”