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Red Alert! Big Changes to Report!

We will provide all members, stakeholders and associates with regular information as we continue our discussions across the country. We are keen to hear your views and feedback as we further investigate the potential of this opportunity.

A quick table shows the main differences between a federated versus national organisation:


· Each state has its own Board of Directors and CEO who lead local initiatives and support or participate in national    programs

· Each state organisation has developed additional programs to meet specific local needs

· A local voice is added to national programs delivered in each state

· Each state has replicated resources for local use which adds to cost, time and effort

· Members have voting rights to a State based member association in Victoria

· Each Member Association contributes funds to support the national Y


- Directorship is reduced to one national Board of Directors and a national CEO

- Programs and resources are replicated on a state by state basis, ensuring consistency

- Expenditure and staff capacity is streamlined, and organisational efficacy improved

- The ability to attract national corporate supporters and funding is enhanced

- The reach and influence of the organisation is potentially improved as a national entity

- Members have voting rights to a National YWCA Australia organisation

The Board of Directors supports this opportunity and is undertaking due dilligence, consultation and investigation to ensure that any change will meet the needs of young women in Australia. We believe that it will provide the organisation with increased scale and impact.

We want to make sure that if you're a voting member, you have all the information you need to make an informed voting choice. We'll be sending you a couple of emails and letters about this and will be extending the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the process with you.

To facilitate this, we'll be running some information sessions and face-to-face consultations with memebers across Melbourne and some regional areas prior to the vote at the 2016 AGM on 27th October.

Irrespective of whether a YES or NO vote is carried, we want you ALL to know that there will be no change to our commitment and dedication to providing crucial support, events and services to women across Victoria.

Questions? Feedback? Call us on 03 83418700 or send us an email.