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Every Girl

Every Girl is a nationally-lead program that aims to develop positive self esteem and resilience among girls aged 8-14 years old from disadvantaged communities.

It provides girls with the tools to realise their full potential, build upon their strengths and participate fully in their community, achieved through an underlying core objective of developing citizenship.

Every Girl is a unique program that connects girls to their community to build resilience, and draws from girls’ strengths to bolster their self esteem. Every Girl aims to enhance girls’ understanding of their human rights, their ability to influence community change and their sense of belonging through weekly sessions that will equip them to address the critical issues they confront in their daily lives.

Every Girl is currently offered free of charge to schools within disadvantaged areas of Victoria. Our facilitators deliver the program within the classroom over eight weeks. The eight weekly modules utilise various learning styles - arts, music, discussion and group activities – to ensure that each participant is engaged and can thrive. The group will also engage with their community through a campaign they will plan over the eight weeks and then execute.

For more information contact our Everygirl facilitator.